• Collection of garments highland dances (costumes).
    • Morenada
    • Diablada
    • Achachi
    • Tinkus
    • Rey Caporal
    • Llamerada
    • cullawada
    • Wacawaca
    • Puneņa Cholita
    • China brunette
  • Collection of hats and sashes chullos.
  • Collection of masks.
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Rey Caporal
Waca waca

This dance has its origins in Colonial times, and is a dance that represents a parody of natives satirizing the Spanish bullfights.

The governors bring their wives to the bullring. The wives are wearing so many skirts that, when the bull charges them with his horns they feel nothing at all.

At first, all the dances were accompanied by drums and panpipes. Nowadays the music is played by bands of trumpets, trombones, tubas, basses, cymbals and drums.

Over time, we have become a people who have created a special type of music, with antique cadences and an accent of Andean nostalgia.

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