• Collection of garments highland dances (costumes).
    • Morenada
    • Diablada
    • Achachi
    • Tinkus
    • Rey Caporal
    • Llamerada
    • cullawada
    • Wacawaca
    • Puneņa Cholita
    • China brunette
  • Collection of hats and sashes chullos.
  • Collection of masks.
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Rey Caporal
Waca waca

A dance that originated North of Potosí in the Bolivian Altiplano, the word meaning “fiesta”, “party” or “tinka”. It manifests its party feeling after a confrontation between different “ayllus” (communities) of the region. It is a rite or mystic devotion to the Pachamama (Mother Earth).

Once a good harvest is brought in, a “tinka” or thanksgiving to the land is held. To receive its gifts of prodigious abundance of the crop, it is necessary to dance the “Tinkus” or “Tinka”. The costume is made of a leather warrior’s hat for the man with a woolen waistcoat adorned with mirrors, a jacket and a chuspa (small bag) for Coca.

The women wear multicoloured skirts, hats adorned with feathers and coloured mirrors. Both men and women wear “alpargas” (sandals) of llama leather.

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