• Collection of garments highland dances (costumes).
    • Morenada
    • Diablada
    • Achachi
    • Tinkus
    • Rey Caporal
    • Llamerada
    • cullawada
    • Wacawaca
    • Puneņa Cholita
    • China brunette
  • Collection of hats and sashes chullos.
  • Collection of masks.
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Rey Caporal
Waca waca

Achachi means “old veteran ancient”, and in the dance it refers to the arrogant, abusive Spaniard of the Inquisition.
He heads the group of slaves who imitate his superior airs, and carries a whip or “chicote” as symbol of his power and thus his dominance over his slaves. In the other hand he holds the arms of the King of Spain.
Thus we can see the gallant Achachi, who in his dance and costume is imitating the King of Spain. His animal costume and grotesquely beautiful mask mock the face of a Spaniard.

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